Jewish outlook on abortion essay

This means that Judaism focuses on protecting life at all levels, including during pregnancy. However, while the reason must be substantial, abortion does not take place during the last stages of the pregnancy.

The permissibility of abortion has also been discussed in relation to a pregnancy resulting from a prohibited i. Jewish law is more lenient concerning abortions in the first forty days of pregnancy as it considers the embryo to be of relatively low value during this time.

Rabbi Moshe Feinstein an authority in this area ruled that screening of embryos is forbidden if the only purpose of doing so is to check for birth defects which might lead the parents to ask for an abortion. In the Codes Some authorities permit abortion only when there is danger to the life of the mother deriving from the fetus "because it is pursuing to kill her" Maim.

This view is controversial. Abortions because of defects in the foetus or to protect the mental health of the mother are forbidden by some schools of Judaism and permitted by others under differing circumstances. This includes cases of direct physiological danger as well as mental imbalance to the point of becoming suicidal.

The Holy One blessed be He, his father and his mother" Kid. Rabbi Waldenberg allows first trimester abortion of a Jewish outlook on abortion essay which would be born with a deformity that would cause it to suffer, and termination of a fetus with a lethal fetal defect such as Tay Sachs up to the end of the second trimester of gestation.

While most poskim forbid abortion for "defective" fetuses, Rabbi Eliezar Waldenberg is a notable exception. Nevertheless, it is universally agreed that the fetus will become a full-fledged human being and there must be a very compelling reason to allow for abortion. According to the Septuagint the term "harm" applied to the fetus and not to the woman, and a distinction is drawn between the abortion of a fetus which has not yet assumed complete shape — for which there is the monetary penalty — and the abortion of a fetus which has assumed complete shape — for which the penalty is "life for life.

We are ready to help… Are you struggling with your assignments? Jacob Emdenwho permit abortion "even if not in order to save the mother's life, but only to save her from the harassment and the great pain that the fetus causes her" see above.

Nevertheless, a test may be performed if a permitted action may result, such as performance of amniocentesis or drawing alpha-fetoprotein levels for improved peripartum or postpartum medical management.

In cases of rape, Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Aurbach allows the woman to use methods which prevent pregnancy after intercourse. For example, crosses still hang on the classroom walls in Poland, and the Ten Commandments are displayed in Hungary. Thousands of times each day unique, never-to-be again, individual beings have their one and only chance at life terminated.

The scholars deduced the prohibition against abortion by an a fortiori argument from the laws concerning abstention from procreation, or onanism, or having sexual relations with one's wife when likely to harm the fetus in her womb — the perpetrator whereof being regarded as "a shedder of blood" Yev.

The function-structure and social integra-tion aspects of religion were abandoned. It follows from this simple approach, that as a general rule, abortion in Judaism is permitted only if there is a direct threat to the life of the mother by carrying the fetus to term or through the act of childbirth.

The first involves the sale of a cow, which is subsequently found to be pregnant.

Abortion in Jewish Law

It is crucial to remember that when faced with an actual patient, a competent halachic authority must be consulted in every case.

Uc davis graduate studies dissertation defense Uc davis graduate studies dissertation defense. The data relate to the primi-tive and tribal people of India, Africa and Australia. Bleich, "Abortion in Halakhic Literature," in: Jewish law does not sanction abortion on demand without a pressing reason.

According to the Mishnah Sanhedrin 4: Ishmael, only a Gentileto whom some of the basic transgressions applied with greater stringency, incurred the death penalty for causing the loss of the fetus Sanh.

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But, from the moment that the greater part of the fetus has emerged into the world — either its head only, or its greater part — it may not be touched, even if it endangers the mother's life: Unlike many other news organizations, we have not put up a paywall. FAQs Religious Views on Abortion Abortion itself is not a religious issue, as you do not need to believe in God in order to believe in universal human rights.

Where the mother's life is not endangered, but the abortion is required for reasons of her health, or where the fetus suffers from Tay-Sachs disease, or Down's syndrome, abortion is prohibited, the prohibition being equal in severity to the prohibition of homicide.

Feldman, Birth Control in Jewish Law Therefore, almost all major poskim Rabbis qualified to decide matters of Jewish law forbid abortion in cases of abnormalities or deformities found in a fetus. If is therefore clear that Judaism point of view on abortion anchors on the need to protect the life of the mother.

Maimonides, a twelfth century interpreter of Jewish law declared: In such a circumstance, the baby is considered tantamount to a rodef, a pursuer6 after the mother with the intent to kill her.

Obasan essay ap literature syllabus Obasan essay ap literature syllabus. A Sanskrit sloka by Valmiki in the Ramayana runs as under:Abortion Essay Abortion is defined as the premature expulsion of a fetus so that it does not live.

Abortions can happen as a result of natural occurrences, but the interest of this paper is abortion that is induced. Abortion has been the topic of heated debates in many places.

A conservative Jewish exception is the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America. They support a case-by case analysis in accordance with Jewish law. "We cannot endorse a public policy that does not reflect the complex response of halacha (Jewish law) to the abortion issue.

Religious Views on Abortion

However, in later versions of that essay, as well as in letter penned inhe recognized that Jewish medical ethics had come to allow abortion in cases of rape. - The Teachings About Abortion and the Sanctity of Life that are Found in the Bible An abortion is the premature expulsion of a foetus from the womb, which may be induced or natural, in which case it is usually called a miscarriage.

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Jewish outlook on abortion essay
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