The theme of anxiety in matthew arnolds dove beach

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Describe the theme of Matthew Arnold's poem

Her burial was largely attended by heartbroken relatives and friends, who followed her remains to the beautiful cemetery at Fulton, Ky. Gospel Advocate, November 2,page Charlton leaves behind him a broken-hearted wife and several children all of whom are grown to mourn their loss.

Dover Beach

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Dover Beach Theme

Thus, meaning in life might not be found in nature or in culture "Where ignorant armies clash by night. So far as we know, he lived a consistent, Christian life, trying to honor the Lord through his appointments.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The theme of "Dover Beach" is one that Matthew Arnold repeats in many of his works. Arnold's controlling idea in this poem is that of people's isolation and alienation from nature and one another, as well as the loss of religious faith.

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Matthew Arnold achieves a lonely tone in the poem “Dover Beach, ” through the use of imagery, simile, and personification.

The poem begins with a simple statement: “the sea is calm tonight”. At this early moment this is as yet nothing but a statement, waiting for the rest of the work to give. Of the remaining funds, half of the income will be used for endowment purposes for Abilene Christian College, and the remainder of the income will be used, through the supervision of the elders of some local congregation, for preaching the gospel.

The theme of anxiety in matthew arnolds dove beach
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